Night Check for Young Equestrians: 90-Day Journal




I can still see my mom slip her feet into her boots, bare shins exposed, and housecoat wrapped tight around her chest, heading out to the barn to tuck in the horses. She was already settled into the comforts of our home for the night, but before she could truly rest she needed to do a “Night Check” on the horses. As my sister and I grew older, it became our responsibility to head to the barn for a final check-in before we headed to bed.

Maybe you are lucky enough to help someone with a night check or you are old enough now to take on the task yourself, either way, the practice of night check is very special. It is a time for us to make sure all of our four-legged friends are taken care of before we head off to bed. It is a time for us to show our love for our animals in the care we offer them.

As we get older people tend to put the care of their horses above the care of themselves, there is a sense of pride that has been instilled in us to know that we have put the needs of another before our own, but that has resulted in a lot of women and men who have lost touch with themselves and are struggling to lead their life and horses from a place of ease, confidence, and love.

As a young equestrian, you have a unique opportunity in front of you. You can learn the value of taking good care of your horses and YOURSELF at the same time. You see, we often don’t learn this until later in life, but I want to share this with you now: You need be check in on yourself to be able to offer others, like your horses, the proper care they need. By checking in on yourself you will get to know yourself on a deep level and understand yourself in a way others may not. It is just as important to create a connection with yourself as it is to your horse or pony. That is how you will keep you both safe when you are out riding in the world together.

Night Check is now not just for the horses or the adults. This journal brings the practice of night check to you as a young equestrian to take the reins now and make sure you show yourself just as much love as you show your horse.


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