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Nikki Porter

My journey into the depths of personal development and growth ran parallel with the intentional advancement of my horsemanship. I was in my late twenties as a high school educator when I began feeling a calling back to myself. I felt a deep need to know myself, connect to my soul, and build a life through intention and joy.

Fast forward, I am now a published author, podcast host, and equestrian life coach who guides and supports equestrian women through bridging the gap between their growth as a human and their growth as an equestrian.

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    Andrea, ON Canada

    Nikki changed my life

    Nikki is compassionate, knowledgeable, kind, impartial, and present. I have worked with a handful of horse leaders throughout my life and hands down she is the best. Not only does she educate in a detailed, organized way, but she also explains things through relatable, specific examples, and patiently guides you until you grasp the concept. Her sessions were so valuable, I will be going back for more support. I now not only feel comfortable working with my horse, but I have so many tools to manage other areas of my life that needed some TLC as well. The relationships with both horses and humans in my life have improved immensely through her work and I one hundred percent recommend Nikki as a coach.

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