Riding Through It: Equestrian Women Tested & Transformed

Riding Through It is a collection of stories written by equestrian women who have shown up openly and honestly. We describe ourselves as “horse people” and sometimes we describe ourselves as crazy too. Perhaps that goes hand in hand with deciding to love something so deeply. That love has the potential to make or break us— depending on how open we are to learning the lessons horses teach us. We are proud to be among the world’s horse people, and the stories we share with you on these pages will show you why, strengthen your pride as a horse person, or maybe even make you wish you were one too.



In this book, you will read stories of loss, heartbreak, grief, fear, pain, and rock bottom, but because of horses, you will also see them transform into stories of hope, resilience, love, awareness, self-acceptance, confidence, compassion, and awakenings. No two stories are alike. Each writer and the experiences they share with us are as unique as they are, but there is a thread that weaves each story together and connects every equestrian in the world: Horses test and transform us.


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