“The Conscious Communicator” Book

The Pursuit of Joy and Human Connection Inspired by the Art of Horsemanship

Working with horses teaches us more about ourselves then it does about them, this book gives people who will never have the opportunity to personally work with horses the insight to live a more connected and joy-filled life. For those who own or work with horses who read this book, it will guide them to become better horse owners and people overall.

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One day I came across a post on FaceBook that read:  “You approached it like it was heavy, so it was.” Unknown Author. The line kept playing back in my mind and I could not figure out why I was so stuck on it. That night, I went to bed with no idea what was about to take place. I woke up around 2:00 am with the line continually repeating in my mind, I rolled over grabbed my phone, and wrote…

“You approached it like it was heavy, so it was.”

It hit me, this was the answer to so many struggles. This is why my high school students were having a difficult time with their work, this is why my students in the arena struggled to make a connection with their horse. This was the start of this book.

The book transformed from that line into a book that I needed to write because I needed to read it personally. I needed all of the lessons horses had taught me to put into words to help transform the rest of my life. I needed to transfer my skill of creating a connection with horses based on conscious communication on every relationship in my life. I needed to feel the connection I felt with horses with myself, my husband, my daughter, my friends; everyone. What I quickly discovered was, these lessons could help others as well, I am not the only one who needed to read this book.

I write in the intention of my book:

“If you picked up this book because you thought it was meant to teach you how to train your horse, you are not entirely off base. It will help. However, my desire is for you to learn about yourself. If you do not own a horse and likely never will, this book is as much for you as the person who was born in a barn. You, my friend, are who I had in mind when I began writing because you deserve these lessons too, whether or not you had the opportunity or interest in owning horses.” – Nikki Porter

Becoming more conscious of my own communication has improved my relationships with others, but most importantly, myself. I am not perfect, I will never claim to be and I will never push anyone to try to be, but I am better then I was yesterday and I will continue to get better by using the lessons I have learned from horses and applying them to my everyday life, my sincere hope is for you to learn to do the same.