Take the Reins podcast

Take the Reins is a personal growth podcast for horse owners who are invested in strengthening their connection with themselves, their equine partners, and everyone else they communicate with. Our listeners enjoy interviews with leading trainers and thought leaders in the equine and personal growth industries through transformative conversations with Nikki Porter. In each episode, Nikki helps you in your personal growth journey to help enhance your connection with yourself, horses, loved ones, and everyone in between.​ Join Nikki and her guests as they have honest conversations about mindset, communication, training, mistakes, and practical life lessons to help you in the arena and life.

Canada Horse Podcast

Canada Horse Podcast is created with all equestrians in mind. We strive to enhance the lives of horse owners by facilitating conversations that make people want to talk and leaves our listeners feeling both informed and entertained! We dive into all that the horse industry has to offer while on a mission to help bridge the knowledge gap for horse owners by offering them a place to go where they are presented with the WHYs behind the decisions we make for our horses, from their tack, to their trainers, to their vet care and everything in between. Our listeners are encouraged to use the information offered on the Canada Horse Podcast to make informed choices that suit their individual needs. We believe in education over judgement and informed choices over following the crowd.