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This journal is 90 days of consistently checking in on yourself to look for patterns and themes that are influencing how you are feeling daily and giving you the power to change them.

As an adult horsewoman, I value the practice of night check for more than just the opportunity to check and see that the horses are safe, fed, and comfortable before I say goodbye to the day. I value the peace the practice brings. I value the darkness, the soft munching of hay, the sound of the freshwater hitting the bucket and the stillness that is tangible on the nights I slow down enough to feel it. There is a unique presence that exists during night check that soothes and heals.

We tend to put the care of our horses above the care of ourselves, there is a sense of pride that has been instilled in us to know that we have put the needs of another before our own, but that has resulted in a lot of women, and men, who have lost touch with themselves and are struggling as a result.

I’ve thought a lot about the value of night checks, both for the horses and the humans. Of course, there is the obvious responsibility of horse ownership to ensure they are taken care of to the best of our ability, but on a deeper level, there is a connection being established by putting in the time to check-in.

It is the connection that I keep coming back to. We spend an incredible amount of time working to create and maintain a connection with our equine partners and lose sight of the importance of the connection we have with ourselves.

Night Check is now not just for the horses. This journal brings the practice of night check into your home where you can check in on the most important person in your life: you. Without you, the lives of your horses, friends, and family wouldn’t be the same. It is time YOU become a priority.

Take the time to check in consistently for the next three months and feel the shift that happens when you show up for yourself with honesty and curiosity.


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