Equestrian Mindset Meditation Series


Consciously shift your energy to gain the confidence, control, and connection you desire in and out of the tack.

A series of meditations which grounds, focuses, and relaxes you before, during, and after working with your equine partners. Through the consistent use of these meditations, you learn how to be the embodied leader your horses need you to be. You become more connected to self, better able to regulate emotions and energy; and as a result, you show up more openly and presently allowing for more confidence, connection, and control in and out of the arena. Your horses will learn to be with you differently because you will feel different from them with the shift from anxious, stressed, and frustrated to calm, compassionate, and clear.

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What you’ll get:

  • Learn how to shift from busy and anxious to quiet and calm before heading to the barn to ensure that you are bringing your best self to work with your horse and are able to remain present, aware, and connected during your time together.
  • Become an energetic match for your equine partner. Horses read our body language and they feel our energy. Show up for your horse in a congruent to establish a deeper level of trust.
  • Consciously build a powerful connection based on trust and mindfulness with yourself and your horses. This holistic approach will feed into all areas of your life, however, your horses will reap the benefits of your personal growth and energetic shifts first!
  • Reintroduce yourself to your horse any time you need them to show you a little grace or you both need a reminder of your true intentions when working together. Reconnect, refocus, reignite.
  • Use visualization and meditation to enhance your show performance.