‘Center & Reconnect’ Meditation


A powerful meditation to center and reconnect you to yourself during your ride. This meditation uses an anchoring method that can help quiet nervousness and tension that builds during your ride due to fear and anxiety, it can be used to reconnect to the present and maintain a quiet mind, soft feel and clear intentions and it can be used to ensure you are offering your horse the rest and relaxation they need during your ride to promote a quiet ride.

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This effective meditation is designed to be used prior to riding to create your anchor to be the physical prompt to help access the relaxation you need during your ride. You may choose to use it as a way to ensure your horse is getting equal work to rest during your ride, or you may use it solely to relax yourself mid ride for a better connection and to release tension in your body that is translating to your horse. This meditation uses an Anchoring technique as an effective way to train your body to quickly relax.